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Capital Fringe Festival, Then and Now - The Washington Post July 5, 2012

Straight Faced Lies

"The success of these performances is due in no small part to Taylor’s skillful direction. The Logan Fringe Upstairs theater is in the round, which has stymied other productions this year but which Taylor uses to great effect". - Washington City Paper

"Five stars. Mr. Williams’ words were brought to life by a brilliantly comedic cast. The dialogue was rich with puns for days. I also enjoyed the fact that each scene had an obvious intention, not one word was wasted. Developed characters pulled the audience deeper into the family’s epic failures. It was obvious to me that the script was the foundation for the phenomenal show. - DC Theatre Scene

In The Forest, She Grew Fangs

"The environment — initially — appears to be spartan: a couple of benches on a black floor, in front of school lockers, which are also black. But the visual starkness turns out to be deceptive: After the lights go down — after a voice in the darkness begins to describe a wilderness teeming with monsters — you realize you’re witnessing a rich mingling of worlds." - The Washington Post

Using the close confines of the black-box Mead Theatre Lab to his advantage, director Ryan S. Taylor has found a way to make a familiar tale urgent and disorienting. - Washington City Paper

"Highly recommended. This is one to see with someone who doesn’t mind you gripping their knee in horror between belly laughs.  Expect to leave thoughtful and disturbed, but with a smile.- DC Theater Scene


"Under no circumstances should you miss this". - Washington City Paper

Five stars. Terrific. The only frustration is that one leaves the theatre eager for more. - DC Theatre Scene

Mitzi's Abortion

The Washington Rogues' players shine, subtly infusing some much-needed humor into what might otherwise be an all-out sob story. Even better, they’re nimble in their seamless character transitions. - Washington City Paper